The Bariselli have been winemakers since 1898: successive heads of the family have been Paolo (great-grandfather to Gian Mario, who is currently leading the businnes), then Giuseppe and his sons, Francesco and Gianbattista.
Together, starting with Paolo’s activity as tenant, they have written a story of passing on knowledge and dialogue between generations, dedication to a shared purpose. The first contact with the vine is down to Paolo, following the acquisition of a farmhouse in Nigoline di Corte Franca at the start of the last century. Giuseppe, after the First World War, extended the vineyard from three to a dozen hectares of land. In the 1990s, a watershed came with the restructuring of the farmhouse and the start, in the second half of the decade, of the Solive agritourism business, one of the first in the area.

While the red wine produced by the great-grandfather was initially intended for family and friends, in the middle of the 1970s, production of Chardonnay began for sale to the best companies in the area. Since then, in order to continue to meet this demand and, at the same time, respond to the demands of the agritourism, investments in the vineyards have continually increased.

In 1993, the first 5000 bottles with the Solive label were produced: offered on the local market in 1997, they were an immediate success. So it was that Gian Mario pursued the renewed vision that inaugurated a process of growth, both in terms of experience and knowledge, culminating in the foundation of the Erbusco cellar in 2002. The first bottles produced here began to reach beyond the confine of the local market in 2006.

The virtuous agricultural supply chain established at the start of the 19th century, which passed from animal rearing to farming and then agritourism, found its natural completion in the new cellar, which gave the opportunity and the space, including intellectual, to become assiduously dedicated to the elevation of its contents. So it was that, from 2011, a new objective began to take shape: alongside the Solive Franciacorta DOCG collection, now reserved for the agritourism clients, came the first bottles of the Reserve intended to bear the new label of excellence, I Barisèi, the quintessence of so many past years spent honing their skills and value.


Skilled hands and energy, harmony, curiosity and ambition; these same traits that characterise I Barisei’s profound connection to their land can be found in the pragmatism of a family that has always acted on its instinct for experimentation and innovation. This dedication is today manifest in the use of cutting edge cellar technology such as cryomaceration; in activities aimed at the protection and promotion of biodiversity.