Cuvée Brut

It is an eternal and precious pact with the earth that links I Barisèi to the family’s lands, cultivated for generations; the result of this bond is a wine with a citrus aroma, which envelops like a sea breeze.

Pale straw-yellow, on the nose it expresses great cleanness, the aromas of apple, fresh almonds, Amalfi lemon, mint; the refreshing path continues on the palate, lime is noted and the excellent salty wake. A medium-bodied wine with good persistence and extremely drinkable.

Suitable for any occasion and any company, it proudly accompanies the most varied aperitifs but also more demanding preparations, especially freshwater fish.

Franciacorta DOCG.

Grape variety:
90% Chardonnay – 10% Pinot Nero.

Harvest period:
first ten days of Semptember.

Grape yield in wine: 50%.

Elevation period on the lees:
minimum 24 months.

Sugar dosage on disgorgement: 6 g/l.

Alcohol by vol: 12,5%.