THE Barisèi

The Barisèi, as they have fondly been called in the Franciacorta area for four generations: a family name but also a brand created from the desire of the descendants to experiment, innovate and express their wine-making skill to the maximum levels of quality; from the need to give a different resonance to their work, enhancing its value and leaving a profound impression.


The Bariselli have been winemakers since 1898: successive heads of the family have been Paolo (great-grandfather to Gian Mario, who is currently leading the businnes), then Giuseppe and his sons, Francesco and Gianbattista.

OF franciacorta

Each plant is known, harvest after harvest, personally cared for by generations, selected one by one due to their specific peculiarities, decisive for the creation of a perfectly balanced, instantly recognisable wine.

the ospitality

When tasting our wines, let the gaze roam freely along the basin of Franciacorta, up to Lake Iseo. Book our wine tours or the tasting course. Take in all of Franciacorta in a single breath.

THE franciacorta

Creating a wine with a unique, unrepeatable personality. Full of body and persistence, coherent with the history and tradition of the family, for more than a century closely connected to their land. Characterised by its own nature, not by evoking something else.