OF Franciacorta


Located in the municipality of Erbusco, at the centre of the morainic amphitheatre of Sebino, a basin of glacial origin wedged between the base of Lake Iseo and Mount Orfano, towering over the hills in the heart of Franciacorta. This building, which covers an area of 2,800 square metres, receives the harvests from the family’s vineyards, covering around 40 hectares in the nearby areas of Torbiato, Adro, Monterotondo, Corte Franca, Calino and the Bettolino district. All distributed within the basin of glacial origin, in the best areas of the territory, each plot has its own characteristics: different altitude, soil composition, exposure.

Each plant is known, harvest after harvest, personally cared for by generations, selected one by one due to their specific peculiarities, decisive for the creation of a perfectly balanced, instantly recognisable wine.