The Land
in the palm of the land


Alongside fragrant rose gardens and olive trees, immersed in a microclimate attenuated by the nearby lake and protected by the Alpine range, the vineyards of I Barisèi lie on the smooth morainic hills that slope gently down to the plain.

Created in the wake of glacial erosion, there is an incredible variety of soils in the hills. Indeed, the ice, first edging forward and then withdrawing, shift the underlying land and left sediments of various kinds of materials. The Consorzio della Franciacorta carried out core sampling of the soil and conducted a viticultural zoning study that brought to light the great diversity of the soil.
As the map shows, the 43 hectares of I Barisèi vineyards all lie within the Franciacorta glacial basin. This fragmentary nature becomes, in the glass, a surprising richness of expressions and nuances, essential for creating Franciacorta with perfect balance.

The vineyards within the basin also draw great benefit from the proximity of the lake, which mitigates both the summer and winter temperatures.


The vineyards of I Barisèi were cultivated with respect for the environmental balance long before awareness of sustainability and organic agriculture became topical. Those who work in the vineyard feel part of something important: the land is a precious living element, to be tended without forcing.

Controlling the grass that sprouts spontaneously under the rows by hand in demonstration of the total absence of pesticides is only one of the many practices that express the atavistic respect felt by I Barisèi for “their” nature. Their extensive knowledge of the weather and the pedoclimatic conditions in which to carry out the operations to help the vines, the methods used for airing the soil, the reuse of stones (with which the houses and characteristic walls were built that mark out properties in Franciacorta), the copper and sulphur based treatments and the use of cow manure fertiliser exclusively from their own animals are further proof of the authenticity of the close relationship between man and the environment that substantially characterises the cheerful daily work in the vineyard.

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