Alternating with fragrant roses and olive trees, immersed in a microclimate mitigated by the nearby lake and protected by the Alpine arc, the vines of I Barisèi flourish on the soft morainic hills that gently descend to the plain. They were cultivated with respect for the environmental equilibrium long before awareness of sustainability and organic farming became topical. Here, those who work in the vineyard feel part of something bigger and look on the land as a living and precious thing, to be cared for but not forced. The manual control of the grass that spontaneously grows along the rows, a demonstration of the total absence of pesticides, is only one of the many acts that express the ancestral respect of I Barisèi for “their” nature. The vast knowledge of the time and the soil and climatic conditions in which to carry out the operations to aid the vines, the methods used for aeration of the ground, the reuse of the stones (with which houses and the typical walls that border Franciacorta properties are built), similarly confirm the authenticity of the close relationship between mankind and the environment that characterise the busy daily work in the vineyard.