Cuvée Millesimata extra brut

The “seas”, as the valleys of Franciacorta are called because of their wave-like shapes, bring ashore a Vintage with a complex personality, described by the ambivalent etymology of “Adro”, which evokes splendour and obscurity.

Bright and golden, the essence of the vine explodes on the nose with long development times in the cellar, or pastry: zabaglione, toffee, honey, short pastry; it continues with eucalyptus and aromas of roasting coffee and cocoa; the creamy effect continues on the palate with a very long finale, when the honey and soft butter return.

Due to its characteristics, it can be combined with tasty and moderately spicy cheeses, or to enhance slices of fish with accompanying tasty sauces.

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Franciacorta DOCG Millesimato.

Grape variety:
100% Chardonnay.

Harvest period:
first ten days of Semptember.

Grape yield in wine: 45%.

Elevation period on the lees:
minimum 65 months.

Sugar content on disgorgement: 3 g/l.

Alcohol by vol: 12,5%.